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At Santa Fe Animal Hospital, pet vaccines are just one of the many preventative services offered by our Lakeland vet team. When your pet is vaccinated against illness or disease, a special injection is administered underneath your pet’s skin that encourages and enables your pet to produce antibodies. These antibodies can last for anywhere from one year to several years, protecting your dog or cat against serious illnesses. Is your pet up-to-date on all recommended vaccinations? If not, then we recommend scheduling an appointment as soon as possible to protect their health.

The Importance of Pet Vaccines

Most pet vaccines produce antibodies in your pet that will last for one to three years. After this time, however, your pet no longer has the antibodies to protect against that illness or disease, which means he or she could be prone to contracting it. This is why it’s so important to stay on top of your pet’s vaccinations and to have your pet re-vaccinated as often as recommended.

Some vaccines protect your pet against illnesses and diseases that could even be transferred to other pets or members of your family. Rabies is a prime example of a disease that can be passed on animals to humans, so having your pet vaccinated against rabies and kept up-to-date is important not only for your pet’s health, but for your family’s health as well.

Which Vaccines Does Your Pet Need?

The specific vaccines your pet should receive can vary depending not just on the type of pet you have, but your pet’s age and unique risk factors as well. In general, both cats and dogs should receive a rabies vaccine at an early age, as well as a rabies booster every one to three years after that.

For dogs specifically, common vaccination recommendations include:

  • kennel cough/canine influenza
  • bordetella
  • leptospirosis
  • canine core vaccines (parvo, distemper, rabies, and canine hepatitis)

For cats, common vaccination recommendations can include:

  • feline leukemia
  • feline core vaccines (panleukopenia, rhinotracheitis, and rabies)
  • feline distemper

Our veterinary team can make specific recommendations about your pet’s vaccination needs based on his or her past vaccination records, overall health, age, and risk factors. We can then provide you with an up-to-date vaccination schedule so you can keep your pet’s vaccinations current.

Schedule an Appointment With Our Lakeland Veterinarian Today

If you know your pet is due for vaccinations, you can request an appointment online or call us at (863) 665-5033. We have vaccination packages for dogs and cats at all stages of life!

We will be re-opening on Tuesday, March 1st!

Please note the updated process below:

  • One person per pet will be allowed in the building. We ask that you continue to check in by phone at (863) 665-5033 when you arrive for your pet’s appointment, then wait for a team member to come out and escort you and your pet into the building. 
  • We do request that you wear a mask when in the building.
  • Please social distance as best as possible when in the hospital. 
  • Our waiting room will be open with socially distanced seating. 
  • When in the waiting room, a staff member will discuss your pet’s history and take note of any issues you would like the doctor to examine.
  • Due to the exam rooms being small, a staff member will then escort your pet to the exam room, while you continue to wait in the waiting room. 
  • After the examination, you will be brought into the exam room to discuss the findings and treatment plan with the doctor. 
  • If you are sick, especially with flu-like symptoms, or have been in contact with anyone who tested positive for COVID-19, we do ask that you find a friend or family member to bring your pet to their appointment. 
  • Our curbside service will no longer be a required part of our COVID-19 protocol; however, if you prefer to take advantage of this service, just let us know when you arrive.
  • In order to reduce traffic flow inside the clinic, food and medicine pick up will still remain curbside.

We know this has been a long and trying year for everyone, and we sincerely appreciate how understanding our clients have been with the necessary restrictions and changes. 

Thank you for continuing to trust us with your pet’s health!
The Santa Fe Animal Hospital Team