Bathing your pet is not always as easy as it sounds! Let our professionals at Santa Fe Animal Hospital in Lakeland, FL, handle the job and you’ll keep your bathroom clean and avoid the hassle of cleaning your pet yourself. Additionally, our experts have the correct supplies to care for your pet’s fur and skin. Our team wants your pet to be both healthy and beautiful, and regular bathing is an important part of your pet’s wellness.

Why Regularly Bathing is Important

Of course, you’ll need to bathe your pet if they get exceptionally dirty, but what about regular baths? How often you bathe your cat or dog depends on the breed and whether the pet goes outside. Dogs that run through the mud need more bathing than small, lap dogs that stay inside. Cats regularly clean themselves, but even the most fastidious cat can benefit from a bath occasionally. Ask your pet’s veterinarian about the best bathing schedule to avoid skin irritation and drying while keeping your pet’s coat shiny and soft.

What is the Importance of Pet Bathing?

Regular grooming and bathing are important to your pet’s health and well-being, just like regular exams and vaccinations. Bathing removes pollen, allergens and dirt from the coat and skin, mats from hair and around sensitive areas. Also, because we are a veterinary facility, we are uniquely able to identify and advise about any problems we see with the skin and hair that might warrant further investigation or testing.

What Can Bathing Prevent?

Bathing can help prevent allergic reactions in both the pet and the owner. If your pet has allergies, bathing washes away the cause from the animal’s fur. Additionally, washing your pet will remove allergens the pet could bring into your home and cause you or your family members to have an allergic reaction. Bathing also helps to reduce the dirt your pet tracks in from outside.