Pet Microchipping

Microchipping at Our Lakeland Office

Microchipping has become extremely popular in the past decade as it is a great tool for reuniting with a lost pet. If you have contemplated having this procedure done for your cat or dog, contact Santa Fe Animal Hospital in Lakeland to make an appointment with our vet. Here is some information to read over pertaining to microchipping so you realize why it is important, what happens before a chip is inserted, and what happens after the process is conducted.


Why Microchipping Is Important For Pets

A pet that is microchipped has a chance of being reunited with its owner much easier than a pet that does not have a chip in place. When a pet is microchipped, there is no question about who owns the animal. The information is readily available to track the owner and contact them so that they can get their pet. A pet without a chip will need to rely on others to search for their owner. This can be a tedious process and may not have favorable results.

What Happens Before the Procedure

Before your pet can be microchipped, it will require a comprehensive examination to ensure it is healthy enough for the implant to be placed. After your pet receives the go-ahead to have a chip inserted, you will need to provide our vet with your identifying information. This will be documented in a countrywide database. The information is uploaded to your pet's chip so it can be accessed when necessary.

What to Expect During And After The Procedure

Our vet will use a thin, long needle, similar to the type used when administering a vaccination, to insert the chip into your pet's skin. This is usually done between the shoulder blades or along the back of the neck. These spots are hard for a pet to access, ensuring the chip remains in place and the skin is not injured in any way after insertion is conducted.

Your pet will not suffer from extreme pain from their chip. They may have some slight tenderness in the area where it is placed, but this will heal quickly.

If your pet is found, and a chip reader is available, someone will scan your pet to obtain your identification. They will then contact you to alert you of the whereabouts of your pet so you can get them back into your possession.

If you are interested in having your pet microchipped, contact Santa Fe Animal Hospital in Lakeland to make an appointment with our vet. Microchipping requires a comprehensive examination of your pet beforehand. Call our office at (863) 665-5033 to schedule a day for an assessment or to find out more about the microchipping procedure.