Pet Exams

Pet Exams at Our Lakeland Veterinary Clinic: Your Pet's Key to Wellness

There's no denying that pets need lots of attention and monitoring throughout their lives -- not just in the form of daily care and attention, but also through veterinary care. Even the healthiest animals can benefit from annual (or even more frequent) pet exams to confirm that good health or detect any anomalies that might call for immediate treatment. Here at Santa Fe Animal Hospital in Lakeland, we can provide these all-important exams.

Dogs at the Veterinary ClinicWhy That Annual Pet Exam Matters So Much

If your pet seems happy and healthy, with no major changes in his appearance or behavior, it's easy just to assume that all is well. But just as many human ailments can lurk undetected, diseases and disorders that afflict pets can develop without showing obvious symptoms -- or your pet may develop certain risk factors for those diseases and disorders. For example, a pet that packs on too many pounds (whether you notice the change in weight or not) is at risk for obesity, which in turn places him at risk for hypertension, cancer, diabetes, liver or kidney disease and heart failure. An internal cancer might grow and metastasize long before your pet suffers obvious annual pet exam gives us a chance to detect these and many other potential dangers as early as possible. 

Helping Your Pet Through the Stages of His Life

As pets go through various life stages, the challenges to their health and wellness may change somewhat. For puppies and kittens, some of the gravest dangers include internal parasites and deadly microorganisms. That's why your puppy or kitten may need several pet exams in his first year, along with wellness measures such as vaccinations and de-worming. Annual pet exams are sufficient for most generally-healthy adult pets. Senior pets need at least two exams per year because they're more prone to specific ailments such as cancer, diabetes and organ failure.

A typical pet exam covers your pet's health and wellness quite literally from head to tail. We administer external evaluations of your pet's skin, coat, ears, eyes, mouth, stance, gait and behavior. Your pet will also be weighed as a precaution against obesity. Blood, urine, and fecal testing can reveal a variety of internal disorders that might require care. Of course we also take your pet's vital signs and answer any questions you may have about your pet's health.

Schedule a Pet Exam at Santa Fe Animal Hospital

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